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In this digital age, Many businesses are working hard to be able to make their business's operations as fast, smooth and efficient as possible so that to succeed and keep up with the competition. To achieve this,  these businesses need the right infrastructure, strategies, and Support.


Its obvious that For a business to be efficient and add value continuously to its products and services, It requires a strategy that connects the gap between physical and virtual environments in the business.  Such agile technologies help a business to operate smoothly and efficiently at any time and anywhere.  

Cloud computing is an important practice of making use of networks of remote servers hosted on the internet to store and managing a business or personal data, rather than saving all your important data on a local computer or mobile device. Cloud computing gives you and your business the ability to access your valuable data anywhere and at any time. with this solution, you are provided with a competitive advantage of increasing your business opportunities and improve your performance.  

At WBiz Smart we provide affordable cloud computing solutions for both businesses and organizations in Tanzania. Our team of professionals makes sure our clients are satisfied always no matter it is a big, small or medium company or even a new startup business, we believe in offering quality services and we understand that moving your business to the cloud is a process, that's why we give you an adaptive solution that will help you in your digital transition journey. With our Cloud computing solution, you will get benefit  Such as;

  1.  Run your most used applications from anywhere

  2.  High Security 

  3.  Low Investment and Operation Costs

  4.  Unlimited hard disk and Physical space

Services We Offer

  1. Microsoft Office 365 

With  Office 365, you will get tools to help you work better and improve your business's performance, Also you can get more things done – anytime, anywhere on any device. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription plan that gives you access to Office applications plus other useful services that are Cloud-enabled, always Allowing you to work smarter and always be on the latest version.

   2. Google Suite

Google Suite is a combination of business-based products and services—like Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Sheets—provided by Google through a monthly subscription platform to help make your business more efficient and effective.. G Suite helps you connect with your colleagues wherever they are, Create  Everything you need to bring your project to life, Control and  Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily and more you can access stored files and find what you need instantly.

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