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The Power of Social Media Marketing

We all use social media, even if not all but at least 50% of people around us use social media. Social media has become a part of our lives. We connect, chat and exchange ideas with our loved once. I remember when Facebook started, we were all into it, it was the most visited site back then. Many joined and posted stuffs. It was a game changer in the social life of many people in the world. You could connect with anyone from anywhere. Now we have a lot of social media platforms like twitter and Instagram that not only gives us a chance to socialize but also opens up opportunities to business growth. With social media you can reach a wide range of potential customers. Think of this as a no limitation to how far you can take your business. Want to know how far you can take your business? keep reading.

Increases brand awareness

Social media channels can increase your brand awareness up to 80%. According to reports, 33% of consumers discover new brands, products and services on social networks. What does this mean to a business? This means with social media you can introduce your brand to people, the new way to increase Visibility and make your company get recognized by potential customers. Always remember that if people are unaware of your business, they won’t be interested to buy your product.

Improves Brand Loyalty

Not only helping you to introduce your company to potential buyers, Social media can help you get loyal customers. We all want to have loyal customers. Customers who will return to buy our services or products help the brand to grow, they become ambassadors. To get loyal customer you have to grow your engagement with your followers. The more they talk about your brand the more new people will want to learn about you and follow you. Its always about engagement, the more the engagement the higher the loyalty from the customers.

Improves customer service

As said by Bill Gate “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. You don’t want to make your customers unhappy. In today’s world social media has become the best place to grow and improve customer relationships. It’s crucial to understand the method of communication your customers use or prefer, and in this era, Social media is that method. Social media allows businesses to quickly respond to customers questions, concerns and customers to easily get helped. More over by answering customers concerns in public shows the quality of service.

Create more opportunities to convert

Social media is all about communication. Every post, image, video and comment can help improve a site traffic and eventually a conversion. You always have to post something that will make your follows want to know more about you. Adding a link to your website on your social media can help take your followers to where they can learn more about your business.

Furthermore, promoting your business on social media is not a significant investment. As little as 6 hours per week invested in social media marketing increased traffic for more than 84% of participants.

Are you ready to see how an Social Media can help your small business? We would love to help! Contact us today and get professional help.